ILFORD Paper Australia

Photographers in Australia looking to get hold of industry-leading ILFORD papers might be put off by high costs and complications. But Print Supplies Shop offers fast, fantastic value shipping so you don’t miss out.

Shop for your photography papers from Australia without missing out or being charged a fortune.

What does shipping cost to Australia?

Standard shipping to Australia from our warehouses in the UK and USA is just $14.99. You can get expedited delivery and receive your order in under a week for $29.99.

How long does shipping to Australia take?

Standard shipping takes 5-10 working days. Our expedited delivery takes just 3-5 working days so you can get hold of your order as soon as possible.

What about tracking? What about returns?

All orders are tracked so you can check on their progress anytime. If you have any concerns about your order you can contact us or arrange a refund or exchange. We want you to have the best service and the best product so will do whatever we can to help.

Are there import duties to pay?

It’s possible there will be import duties to pay. Whether there are, and what amounts, depend on where your order is dispatched from (the UK or US depending on stock) the items in the order, the amount, and other variables.

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