Which ILFORD paper?

Which ILFORD paper?

Choosing which ILFORD paper you need or is best for your project can feel a bit overwhelming. So we are going to break it down, look at your project, look at your options, and review your choices.

ILFORD is the biggest name in photographic papers for good reason. The company has been around for well over a hundred years. They’ve been on the cutting edge of technological innovations in photography – such as the switch to digital. They have a huge range of high-spec print-at-home papers that give you professional quality.

So you know you want to go with ILFORD, the question is more which ILFORD paper?

Which ILFORD paper is right for you?

There are a few different points to take into consideration when reviewing your options. Depending on your project and the results you want to achieve.

How large are you printing? ILFORD papers come in sheets and rolls, and those come in different sizes too. So you can instantly narrow down your search by taking the size of paper into consideration. Though there are still lots of types and finishes to choose from!

Where is your printed work going? Is this for a gallery show, or a client album, or something else? Where your work will end up is going to affect which paper you choose. All ILFORD papers have superb archival properties.

What are you printing? Different types of work can benefit from different ILFORD finishes. All papers offer fantastic clarity and depth of color. Some of the technical differences in the paper will be more suited to softer portraiture, or the clean lines of architecture, and so on.

Which ILFORD paper: sheets versus rolls, sizes and weights

All our ILFORD products are clearly marked with the size in both inches and centimeters, as well as any standard conventions such as A2 or A3. That makes it easy to find the exact size you need, compare different papers, and avoid any sizing mix-ups.

The ILFORD Galerie rolls are from 26ft to 100ft long, with widths from 17 to 44 inches.

The ILFORD Galerie sheets start as small as 4×6 inches and go up to A2 size. All sheets come in a pack of 25, with some in a pack of 100.

There are a variety of weights available too, all clearly marked, for both rolls and sheets. A 17 inch by 100ft roll, for instance, is available either in 190gsm or 270gsm. The sheets are available starting at 140g, up to 310g, depending on the finish.

Paper types and finishes

To pick the perfect sheet or roll for your project there are a huge range of finishes and types of paper. ILFORD papers are craftsmanship at its finest with best-in-class technical specifications and expertise honed over decades. Each chemical layer of the paper is uniquely suited for its purpose to bring out the best in your photography.

Choose from finishes such as Smooth Gloss, Smooth High Gloss and Smooth Pearl or the richly textured Gold Cotton, Gold Fibre Silk, and Gold Mono Silk.

Whichever paper you choose it has the depth of tones, clarity, and sharpness associated with ILFORD. They even provide ICC profiles so you can get the perfect color match in your printing.

So there’s your guide to choosing which ILFORD paper will be best for your project. There are no definitive answers as it’s very much up to individual preferences and the unique features of your project. But you will certainly be able to choose the right paper with the incredible range from ILFORD.

Photo by Eric Park on Unsplash

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