ILFORD Multigrade paper shelf life

ILFORD Multigrade paper shelf life

ILFORD’s Multigrade range is a popular paper favoured for its deep blacks and used with the Multigrade filters to achieve the required grading. Depending on the filters the paper can achieve from 00 to 5 grading. So it’s flexible and makes for impressive quality. A constant concern though is for the ILFORD Multigrade paper shelf life.

Which is what we are going to talk about today.

What’s the ILFORD Multigrade paper shelf life?

Officially, ILFORD papers don’t have a shelf life or best before date. Because there are so many contributing factors to the longevity and quality of paper it’s not something that can be arbitrarily decided when the paper is packaged up.

How the paper is cared for makes all the difference to its shelf life. It should be kept cool at minimum, and ideally stored in a fridge.

This means that age isn’t the best determining factor for the quality of ILFORD paper. Older, well-cared for paper will give better results than newer, poorly treated paper. With that in mind, an expiry date would be worthless.

So the ILFORD Multigrade paper shelf life can vary. People happily use paper that is over a decade old and get beautiful results from it. It just depends on the all-important storage and care issue.

Prior to you buying the paper that care depends on the retailers and vendors. ILFORD themselves say that if you receive a poor batch of paper the dealer is responsible. So you should return the paper to the retailer for your money back.

At Print Supplies Shop we deal only with delicate ILFORD papers and understand what it takes to keep them in tip-top condition. It’s important that our customers get the best quality papers possible and we are always available to talk to you and answer any questions you might have!

How to extend your ILFORD Multigrade paper shelf life

Proper care of your ILFORD paper will keep it in the best condition and give it the longest shelf life.

It should be kept refrigerated, or at least cool with a stable temperature.

It is so vulnerable to changes in its environment because of the complex chemical processes used to treat the paper. These can appear as a blue tint to printing, fogging, cracks, unexpected color results, and damage around the edges of the paper.

If you discover a pack of paper at home that hasn’t been stored properly and has taken a turn for the worse you don’t necessarily need to throw it away. Tweaking the color profile or ramping it up could give a close enough result. If fogging is an issue there are treatments you can buy. Failing that you can do some experimentation and make the most of the unpredictable results.

ILFORD papers are the undisputed best in the business. This means the ILFORD multigrade paper shelf life does depend on good care for the best results. But we think everyone agrees that those results are more than worth it.

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