Find ILFORD Galerie sheets in more than twenty textures, finishes, and sizes.

ILFORD Galerie is the professional inkjet photo range from the prestigious ILFORD brand. Print Supplies Shop offers a great selection of authentic, Swiss-made ILFORD Galerie sheets.

ILFORD Galerie sheets are used by professionals for commercial work, client albums, shows, and exhibitions. The inkjet range has been in production since 2000, with ILFORD at the cutting edge of the industry shift to digital. Now the amazing quality of ILFORD papers means you can print at home to professional standards.

Browse our range to find the perfect ILFORD papers for your work and choose from finishes from Smooth Gloss, Smooth High Gloss and Smooth Pearl to the richly textured Gold Cotton, Gold Fibre Silk, and Gold Mono Silk.

Each paper has the depth of tones, clarity, and sharpness associated with ILFORD, with finishes to complement your style and subject.

You can choose between various sizes of sheets and each product page clearly marks the size in both inches and centimeters, as well as standard sizing conventions such as A2 or A3.

All the sheets are available in packs of 25, and varieties also have 100 sheet packs too. The paper type and pack quantity are shown in the description on both the shop page and the individual product pages.

Enjoy browsing this selection of ILFORD Galerie sheets and pick the perfect paper for your work.

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