ILFORD paper is well known in the photography community as being of amazing quality. Many professional photographers have used ILFORD for years for their work with clients or to display in exhibitions.

Why use ILFORD?

ILFORD has been making products for photographers for over 140 years. Their professional inkjet papers are just the latest in a long line of innovation.

Photographers all over the world keep coming back to the original Swiss-made ILFORD’s beautiful finish and amazing clarity. The color tones and depth, the textures and sharpness achievable with ILFORD set a standard that professionals can’t bear to be without.

With a huge range of papers for various color profiles, finishes, and subjects, ILFORD paper covers every base to make sure you have the perfect, high-spec paper for your project. Whether that is client portraits or wedding albums, high-end commercial photography or gallery work, ILFORD produces the most fantastic results.

Printing at home can now look indistinguishable from using a professional printer

Prints have the look and feel of a traditional photograph. ILFORD even offer their own ICC profiles to ensure you get the perfect result.

Because there is such a range of paper to choose from you can pick the perfect match for your photographs. With finishes from smooth high gloss to heavyweight matt and textures like silk and cotton, you can add another dimension to your prints. Your color palette, depth, and tonal range will determine which paper is the best fit for you. As well as the desired crispness in the final product, and the subject matter.

The paper has excellent archival properties and comes in a range of finishes. With layers of precisely chemically treated paper uniquely suited for each paper type, this is craftsmanship at its finest, dedicated to achieving your best results.

Some ILFORD papers lend themselves to sharp lines of architecture, some work better for softer portraiture. You always get the clarity and quality that top photographers demand. It’s this vast breadth of technical specifications that means there is an ILFORD paper that can perfectly enhance your work and take it to another level.

You can see the quality in ILFORD paper as soon as you get hold of a pack

Made by professionals for professionals there’s no doubt that ILFORD paper is something special.

ILFORD was founded in 1879 and began making the GALERIE Inkjet range of paper in 2000. That put them at the very forefront of the industry’s adoption of digital. Leading the way in this cutting edge technology means ILFORD have perfected their papers and fine-tuned the technical specifications. Now they offer a huge range of papers, fine art, and commercial products.

ILFORD’s name has become synonymous with best in class quality

Print Supplies Shop is proud to stock authentic, Swiss-made ILFORD papers and to offer them at a great price to photographers all over the world. We believe that the ILFORD quality should be available to all and love helping photographers get the very best prints possible.